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PM&R Aspire's career map features profiles on every PM&R physician practice in the market, including yours.

Use our tools to showcase your organization and solve your PM&R hiring needs. ​

Pricing Options

Our members love PM&R Aspire: “Now I don’t need to look anywhere else for jobs.”

PM&R Aspire Hiring Tools

Brand your Sites


  •   Claim your sites, update your profiles and tell your story with logos, images and 

Just Post Jobs

$450.00/ month* 

  • Upgrade five or less locations with open positions. You can post as many jobs as you like at each paid location. ​

Proactive Recruitment

$50.00 / month

  •   Comprehensive hiring solutions including branding, hiring, networking, career fairs, and recruitment advertising. ​

Stand out from the competition

Reach your Audience

PA JobSource delivers your recruitment messaging to a membership of 73,000 professionally active and qualified PAs. That’s more than XX% of all PAs

Build your Brand

The more locations you brand, the more visible you’ll be on the map. Strengthen your branding with practice information and rich media.

Reduce Hiring Time  

  Our recruitment marketing tools help you fill open positions, amplify your brand and build a bench for next year’s roles.

How It Works

1. Build your Brand

 It’s free to claim and brand your locations on PA JobSource. If you do nothing else, be sure to claim all of your sites and share your story.

2. Fill Open Positions With Hiring Sites

Upgrade your locations with active openings enabling members to engage with you directly. Add unlimited jobs to each location you upgrade.

3. Expand Your Reach & Build a Bench With Networking Sites

Upgrade fully staffed locations to cast a wider net, amplify your brand and build a talent pipeline for future hires.

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