PM&R Aspire Member Referral FAQs

Member referral placement is a personalized referral service for PM&R physicians. PM&R Aspire offers this service on all inactive sites shown on its map.

Below are some common questions about the service. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

When you request a referral to any inactive site on the PM&R Aspire map, we’ll follow up to understand your criteria. Then, we'll then reach out to contacts at the site to research potential employment options. We’ll circle back with you to share the employer’s responses and if there is mutual interest, make a personal introduction. You’ll take it from there.

When you submit your request to connect, an AAPM&R member liaison will be the only person who initially sees your information. If you decide you want to move ahead with your referral request, we will share information about you, only with the targeted employer.

Only agreed upon information will ever be shared with the targeted employer.

Referrals are an AAPM&R physician benefit, there is no added cost.

If an employer hires an PM&R physician that was introduced to them via this service, the employer will pay a one-time placement fee to PM&R Aspire.