Recruitment Advertising


For more ways to get in front of AAPM&R members, there are two options for employer advertising: image-based or text-only display ads in their print publication (The Physiatrist) and job features in their monthly newsletter (Career Corner) directing your open positions to AAPM&R's new map-based career platform, PM&R Aspire.

Print Ads in The Physiatrist

The Physiatrist is the official membership publication of AAPM&R. Published 10 times each year, this print newsletter updates readers on Academy activities and programs, legislative actions, practice and socioeconomic issues, educational courses, specialty developments, and employment opportunities. 

Average print distribution: 8,000

"The Physiatrist" Print Newsletter 

Full Page Ad (9" x 12")

  $2,500 (color/b&w)


"The Physiatrist" Print Newsletter 

Half Page Ad (7.5'' x 4.75 '')

  $1,150 (color/b&w)


"The Physiatrist" Print Newsletter 

Quarter Page Ad (3.67" x 4.75 '')

  $850 (color/b&w)


"The Physiatrist" Print Newsletter 

Classified Ad (100 words)

 $475 per 100 word insertion (b/w). Employment ads only. 


AAPM&R's Career Corner eNewsletter

AAPM&R's Career Corner digital newsletter is produced once a month. Employers have the opportunity to feature jobs in this newsletter that link back to their opportunities on PM&R Aspire. There are 5 job feature slots available each month, to be submitted the month leading up to release.

"Career Corner" eNewsletter Featured Job on PM&R Aspire (Active Employers Only)

 $225 per job feature*

*Your organization must have a hiring site on PM&R Aspire at time of newsletter release in order to fulfill this purchase


AAPM&R Membership Data

Promote your brand prominently by leveraging these products, positioning your organization front and center. Get in front of a membership that proudly showcases AAPM&R's extensive network of talented individuals. 


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